Hi, I'm John-Reid. I write music. I like it. I write in multiple genres so that each song sounds different in some way from the last!

My goal is simply to continue writing and creating music for as long as I can.


I originally started my career as a high school history teacher but soon realized that I would always regret not pursuing my dream of writing music.

While I may be new to the music industry, I’ve been doing music for some time now;

I started playing piano when I was 3 and have been loving music ever since.

I attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) where I learned to truly appreciate music, and now I am trying to turn my passion into a living!


At the moment, I just want my music out there.

If I could ask three things of you, it would be

1. that you give each track a chance (most sound different from the next; I write in multiple genres),

2. that you’d stay in touch through the mailing list on this website, and

3. that you’d share my music if you enjoyed it! Doing those things would make me incredibly happy.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the music!

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