1. Won't Find Me

From the recording Ambivert (WAV Demo)



I got a wrenching affliction
With a wicked pulse
Begging for my attention
Let me eat you whole

With a skullcap full of fire
and a throbbing vein
Throw your creeping pain on my pyre
Let me keep you sane


Won't find me in your heart
Ain't got nothing to do with love
Won't find me in your heart
As I pull your skull apart


This pain is sharp and stabbing
a cancer in my mind
I want to open it up but
I'm scared of what I'll find

With a tortured heart,
My lungs rip and hack
But no matter what I do
it keeps on crawling back

[Chorus x2]

There ain’t no cure for what I got
It won’t stay away
I got my back wide open
Ready to betray

I don’t want your solution
I don’t want your lies
Just another to suffer with
Another to baptize

(Won’t find me in your heart x2)

[Chorus x2]