Ambivert (Demo)


IMPORTANT: This version of the album is in a compressed format (MP3). For uncompressed WAV, look below this album (may download slower)! Please download the tracks! The previews play lower quality audio and all I ask is for an email!

These are my demos of songs I've written over the years! All were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by me at my amateur home studio.

I do tend to jump from genre to genre, so here's a quick rundown of the tracks' styles:

All Along - Alternative Rock/Folk Rock (think Mumford and Sons)

You Are All I Need - Electropop/Alternative Rock (think Muse)

Blackout - Modern Pop/R&B. Indie.

Rooftops - Indie Rock

Moon and Stars - Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

Bruises - Alternative/Indie Rock/Pop (think Killers)

In Motion - Alternative/Indie Rock

Crowns - Alternative/Hard Rock (think Muse)

Refrains - Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

Ambivert - Swing, Jazz, Pop

Won't Find Me - Industrial/Hard Rock

Bring The Fire - Rock

Smile Divine - Indie Pop

Old Heart - Singer-Songwriter

Goodnight - Orchestral Pop

Thank you for listening!

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